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Cape Cod Barbeque

Specialty Sauces for Sale

Frank' n' Swine's Cape Cod Barbeque has received numerous awards at barbeque competitions and has been voted #1 for local catering service. Frank's barbeque wagon can be found most summer weekends in Orleans at the Masonic Lodge on East Main Street.
Just follow Main Street towards Nauset Beach!

Hot sauce and rub

Frank' n' Swine offers several hand-crafted bottled sauces for sale.
His famous personal recipe Barbeque Sauce, a delectable Dry Rub, and a Hot Pepper Sauce for the connoisseur.
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Dr. Frank ’n ’Swine is located at 107 Main Street, Orleans, MA, on Cape Cod, courtesy of the Orleans Universal Masons. They always seem to be helping people out and we're certainly grateful that they’ve let us serve food on Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Since our season is so short, don’t drag your feet; come out and try our competition style BBQ. You WILL NOT be disappointed. If you don’t believe, me check out our review on

BBQ wagon


How did we come up with the name? It didn’t come to us right away; it took a few BBQ competitions, staying up late and consuming a lot of beer.

This saga actually begins in the Florida Keys in the mid ‘80’s, around 1985 to be more exact. A chance meeting with a guy named Buddy at a local watering hole in Key West kicked off this adventure. Buddy invited me and my best friend Tammy to a BBQ at his ranch in the heart of the Everglades. We decided to take a chance and drive to this very remote ranch in the middle of nowhere and to our surprise it wasn’t the usual, burgers, dogs, and potato salad; oh no - it was wild hog, gator tail, black-eyed peas, swamp cabbage and other treats which we had never heard of before. After our initial shock we were both astounded at how wonderful this food tasted and eventually made the 4 hour trip many times after our first visit.



We practiced long and hard to try and replicate these great flavors and tastes and after several years of effort came up with our own great taste, and our own sauces and rubs. These sauces and rubs helped us win a roomful of trophies and ribbons from Maine to Florida in various BBQ and Grilling competitions. We now offer these same rubs and sauces to you and hope you have as much enjoyment cooking as we have had over the last 25 years or so.

Our three Golden Retrievers are always very attentive when we cook and patiently wait for any “mistakes” that may come their way. Oh yeah, and my best friend and I are married now and we still are best friends, most of the time. That is until she cooks against my team - Dr. Frank’n’Swine; how ungrateful is that?

We’ve never looked back from those beginning days and look forward to many more seasons of serving authentic Southern-style BBQ at the Orleans Masonic Lodge. Hope to see y’all there.

Dr. Frank’n’Swine and Friends